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paperpixy's Journal

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~i dont say it i imply it, i'm the queen of quiet~
7 August
, 80's music, alice in wonderland, ani difranco, autumn, bare feet, bats, beer, being barefoot, bela fleck, better than ezra, black and white photography, black crowes, blue, bluegrass, blues clues, bob dylan, bonepony, booze, bright eyes, bubbles, buffy the vampire slayer, butterflies, camping, candle making, cat stevens, cats, coloring, commas, cookie dough, courtney love, crafts, crayons, creative people, crowley (my cat, crunch berries, cuddling, daisies, dancing in the rain, dar williams, degrassi, diet coke, drum circles, ducks, festivals, folk music, folky chick singers, free beer, fuzzy sprouts, garcia as in jerry, garcia the cat, gilmore girls, golden girls, grateful dead, groovin, guster, harold and maude, hello kitty, herbie the butterfly tattoo, hiking, hugs, incense, janis joplin, jelly belly's, jerry garcia band, joan baez, john cusack, joni mitchell, jude, keller williams, kerouac, laughing, leftover salmon, life, lisa loeb, long skirts, love, lucy kaplansky, making patchwork clothes, mashed potatoes, muddy feet, music, my so called life, nature, passionate people, patchwork, paul simon, peanut butter, peter tosh, photography, poetry, pop tarts, popsicles, potato baby, rainy weather, rollin in the hay, rusted root, salad, sandals, serial killers, seth green, sewing, shaggy hair, sifl and olly, simon and garfunkel, smilin, snake oil medicine show, sparkles, spinning, spongebob squarepants, stitchin, strawberry shortcake, string cheese incident, talking heads, tattoos, the allman brothers, the codetalkers, the evasive cowduck, the simpsons, tim easton, townhall, ulu, unbirthdays, weirdness, widespread panic, yoga, you

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